How to grow your hair quickly?

Beautiful, long hair is a real asset for seduction. However, with only 0.3 millimetres per day, it will take months to get long hair. Fortunately, there are small tricks to help hair grow back.

The right things to do to make hair grow faster

To be healthy, hair needs special care. Stop untangling your hair with any brush. Use special brushes that gently detangle hair. To stimulate blood circulation and revitalize hair, brush your hair several times a day. Certainly, long hair care takes a lot of time, but it is worth it. Also cut off regularly damaged hair ends. Because they weaken hair and tend to break. Cut at least 3 mm every 3 months. You can do it yourself or go to a professional. Then, to keep your hair healthy, use good quality heating appliances. Avoid overheated hair dryers that prevent hair from growing. Using good tools will help you grow hair quickly. By adopting these little tips, you increase your chance of having long hair in just a few months. For more tips, click here.

Use a mask to boost hair growth

A mask is essential to keep hair in good condition. It protects the hair from many aggressions such as excessive heat and overexposure to the sun. You can choose between natural masks or pre-made masks. If you want to make homemade remedies, use natural products such as avocados, onions. These homemade masks are very beneficial for the hair as well as the products sold by professionals. But if you don't want to get your hands dirty, the pre-made masks are the ideal ally to promote hair growth. However, avoid choosing a treatment that is not adapted to your hair type.

Foods to choose to stimulate hair growth

The health of hair depends on the diet. To accelerate its growth, it is strongly recommended to adopt a healthy and varied diet. Include a protein-rich food such as chicken and lentils in your daily diet. You usually need the equivalent of 1.2 grams of protein per day. A protein deficiency can lead to dry scalp and brittle hair. Foods rich in omega 3 are also a long hair solution. Omega 3 helps the scalp to be healthier and to maintain good hair hydration. Also favour fruit and vegetables. Their high levels of vitamins A and C are very beneficial for the hair. Vitamins C help to keep blood flowing through the scalp and reduce hair loss. So, for long, healthy hair, don't hesitate to eat nutrient-rich foods.
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