Make-up and hair trends

Don't miss the trendy hairstyles of the year to change your head. Depending on the shape of your face, choose the ideal haircut. To top it all off, put on your make-up like a star with the latest make-up trends. Discover the make-up trends of the season to care for your appearance. To help you, here are the beauty trends of the year.

The fringes

Fringe varieties are making a comeback this year to play a seduction weapon. Fringes or almost fringes, these hairstyling trends are mostly short and adapted to all hair tones, brown, blonde, purple, etc. Before putting on your scissors, ask your hairdresser for advice on the style of fringe that suits you. Be aware that fringes are not suitable for all women! Perform an online test to find out if you are made for a fringe.

The cuts of the year

In addition to the fringes that are coming out strongly in hairdressing trends this year, short cuts are in vogue. The boys' balls, the zero balls and the squares, all are cute to change your head and look this year. If you don't dare to use the scissors, maintain your hair to make it very long. Like a mermaid, wear long hair to be at the top of the hairdressing trends of the year. Curly, straight, curly or wavy, long hair is in the spotlight for the new 2018 seasons.

Make-up trends

Make-up being the best ally of beauty, you shouldn't do without it to have doll's eyes and a dazzling look. Note that the make-up trends of the year are more towards matte shades. Matte lipsticks will dress the lips of this year's stars: chocolate red, black red, orange pink or candy pink, play the art of seduction to get velvety lips.  
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