Permanent eyebrow make-up techniques: how to get a discreet result?

Permanent eyebrow makeup or eyebrow tattoo is a technique that consists of permanently applying eyebrow makeup. There are generally two types of permanent eyebrow make-up techniques, namely micropigmentation and dermo pigmentation.

What is eyebrow pigmentation or micropigmentation?

Eyebrow pigmentation or micropigmentation is a technique that allows women to make up their eyebrows in a semi-permanent way. More precisely, the purpose of eyebrow pigmentation is to allow women to densify their eyebrows and have a clear line. But how does eyebrow micropigmentation work? Thanks to the use of a needle, professionals inject pigments into the upper layer of the epidermis. It should be noted that the colour of the pigments must resemble the natural colour of the eyebrows. And in order to obtain a natural and discreet result, professionals use several types of pigments. During an eyebrow pigmentation session, professionals first redraw the most appropriate lines for the face of their clients using an eyelash pencil. The latter then decide whether these lines are suitable for them. If the clients validate, the professionals now proceed to the injection of the pigments. Otherwise, they redraw the lines again. In general, a micropigmentation session can last up to 30 minutes. Compared to a tattoo, eyebrow pigmentation is less painful because the needle is injected only on the upper part of the epidermis. Be aware that on the day of micropigmentation, it is forbidden to wet your eyebrows and expose yourself to the sun. The sessions must be repeated every three weeks at the latest.

What is eyebrow dermo pigmentation?

Eyebrow dermo pigmentation is a technique that consists of making up the eyebrows with a needle and pigments. It allows women to have permanently well-defined and well made up eyebrows. Dermo pigmentation generally takes place in four different stages, including the determination of the objective or expected result, eyebrow removal, pigment selection and injection. Like micropigmentation, dermo pigmentation of the eyebrows is not a painful technique either. However, please note that the session can last between 1h30 and 2 hours. After having undergone a dermo pigmentation session, it is advisable to do a touch-up every five weeks and clean the eyebrows with micellar water or with a neutral Ph soap. However, it is forbidden to wear make-up, take extended baths for 10 days, expose yourself to the sun and scratch the tattooed area. Finally, it should be noted that dermo pigmentation does not colour the eyebrow hairs but the skin below the eyebrows. Even if the eyebrow make-up is permanent, the dermo pigmentation is not permanent, it can only last for a maximum of one year.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanent eyebrow make-up?

The main advantage of permanent eyebrow make-up is that it saves money and time. You will no longer need to buy make-up products but above all you will no longer need to apply make-up every morning. In addition to this first advantage, it will also allow you to constantly have well defined eyebrows (while you sleep, while you swim or while you play sports). But despite these advantages, permanent eyebrow makeup can have some disadvantages. The cost of a good micropigmentation or dermo pigmentation is quite expensive. These techniques can also lead to risks of injury, skin diseases or infection. Also be aware that some professionals do not use anaesthesia, in this case the permanent eyebrow make-up techniques can be very painful. And finally, the result may not meet your expectations.  
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