Pregnancy and newborn photographer: how to choose yours?

A birth is the consecration of life and love. To keep precious memories, more and more future parents are now opting for a pregnancy and birth shooting. But to take the best shots, you have to choose the best photographer. To help you, find some tips in this file.

Make a list of criteria

To find the best pregnancy and baby photographer, you must first define a list of main criteria to motivate your choice. The first criterion is the availability of the photographer in your place of residence. It is best to shoot at home during pregnancy and childbirth to make it more convenient for both mother and baby. Of course, you can do it outdoors, but always close to your home, which explains this criterion. Then, you must define the style of pregnancy photo and baby photo you want to get. To do this, you must visit your candidates' page or portfolio. In addition, you must also check the photographer's reputation. Even if we can't please everyone, a minimum of recommendations is enough to guarantee the quality of his work. Finally, you need to have a good feeling with the person and have confidence in them to make the session go as smoothly as possible. You will find several providers and photo templates on to help you define your criteria.

Some advice about the birth photographer

The requirements for choosing a baby photographer in Orléans are not the same as for a pregnant woman photographer. Due to the fragility of a baby, a birth photographer must have specific skills. Birth photo sessions must be performed by an experienced professional. The safety of your baby is at stake. The latter is very fragile and requires gentleness and experience. The photographer must be conscious and able to work accordingly. The picture of the newborn should not be too restrictive for the baby. For all these reasons, you will need to choose a professional photographer, specialized in birth or pregnancy. From the atmosphere to clothing, lighting and air conditioning, everything must be taken into account to preserve the safety and well-being of the newborn. Risks must be avoided, so avoid taking a wedding photographer for your birth photos.

Frame your expectations well before the session

Whether it is for pregnancy photos or birth photos, you must absolutely determine the final style you want so that everything is clear. Parents' expectations are often unfeasible or present inconsiderate risks. A preliminary exchange on your expectations and their possibilities of realization is therefore essential. This will give you an overview from the beginning. This focus will also allow you to determine your photographer's skills.  The best photographer will be able to offer you original shots, in response to your expectations, while avoiding dangers. He will also be able to meet your expectations and warn you about the realities of retouching. Indeed, the clicks of pregnant women and babies exposed on social networks are generally altered. A professional photographer can explain the process and advise you whether or not to adopt it. This upstream framing is therefore very important not only to determine the course of the session (place, clothes, accessories,...) and the nature of the results.
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