What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a method that uses light therapy emitted by a medical device to stop future hair growth. It is based on the principle of light being attracted and absorbed by the pigment contained in the hair follicle. The light damages the hair follicle and causes a permanent depilatory effect. We know how time-consuming shaving and waxing can be, and that's why www.cliniquedulac.ch provides laser hair removal services for men and women who want to free themselves from the worry of unwanted hair. The success of permanent hair removal in Geneva has become more evident with the increase in the number of requests for help to remove unwanted hair faster than traditional processes such as shaving or waxing. Using a medical device for light therapy, laser hair removal in Geneva removes unwanted and ingrown hair.

Laser treatments permanently remove hair

Laser hair removal allows us to treat all skin tones, as it includes two laser options to ensure its effectiveness on each patient. Laser hair removal procedures result in the permanent removal of unwanted hair. After a complete treatment, 60 to 95% of the targeted hair has definitively disappeared.

Laser hair removal protects your skin

Shaving and waxing can remove hair, but can also cause razor burns, cuts, scratches and irritated skin, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini line and armpits. Waxing can cause burns and ingrown hairs that can then become infected and painful. You can avoid all these skin irritations and burns and permanently achieve smooth skin with laser hair removal. You can throw away your razor and wax and enjoy beautiful, perfect skin every day.

Save time and money

Shaving every morning adds time to your morning routine and it is not convenient to make an appointment for waxing. Laser hair removal can save you time and money, because you won't have to worry about unwanted hair anymore and you'll spend your time doing things you enjoy, without shaving or going to the salon. You may notice a reduction in hair growth after only your first permanent laser hair removal treatment and, once your treatments are complete, you will never have to make an appointment for waxing again or buy razor blades.
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