Which semi-permanent varnish kit to choose?

Tired of these classic varnishes that have a poor hold? Choose semi-permanent varnishes. But what makes the difference? What are their assets? And how to choose your kit?

Permanent varnish: what are the advantages?

Permanent or semi-permanent nail polish is a classic nail polish in which manufacturers have added an acrylic gel. What makes the difference is that once it is applied to the nails, the layers should be hardened by UV or LED lamps. The life span is longer than a conventional varnish. On average, the manicure remains intact for 2 to 3 weeks, without flaking or losing shine. And in just a few minutes, you can have a long-lasting result. Moreover, the rendering is even better than with a traditional varnish. It is the best solution to look beautiful to the very end... Yes, you will have a more natural, shinier and more elegant look. This revolution is very interesting for women who want to keep a perfect manicure without having to change varnish every morning. In addition, this nail decoration is available in different colours, which can satisfy all tastes and adapt to all styles: glitter, nude, etc. You can even do a French manicure with the semi-permanent varnish. Finally, you can go to a cosmetics store to buy a kit and do your own manicure or go to a beauty salon if you don't have enough time. The best semi-permanent Peggy Sage products are accessible to everyone and easy to install.

How to apply a semi-permanent varnish?

First, start by preparing the nails:
  • Wash your hands File your nails carefully Clean your cuticles Get rid of varnish residue Use a damp, degreasing cloth to degrease the surface
  • Now, let's move on to the next step: applying the varnish
  • Apply a base coat and run under an LED light for 30 seconds. Apply a coat of semi-permanent varnish and dry under the lamp for 30 seconds, before applying a second coat while respecting the same drying time. Place the topcoat and dry also under the UV lamp.
  • It would take an average of 1 hour to apply a semi-permanent varnish to ensure perfect hands. Besides, you don't need any break time. You can resume your activity immediately. This varnish does not fear household chores.
It should be noted that the semi-permanent varnish does not come off by itself. We'd have to go to the institute to remove it. Alternatively, you can also do it at home using the specialized kits. This step can take up to 15 minutes. However, the application of a nourishing oil is essential after removing the nail polish to regenerate and nourish the nails. Attention! There are contraindications for the application of a semi-permanent varnish. Indeed, women with weakened, very dry or splitting nails cannot use this solution. In addition, do not damage the nails, you cannot make more than 3 successive applications. You should let the nails rest.

Which semi-permanent varnish kit to choose?

On the market, you can access a wide range of semi-permanent varnish kits. A kit includes all the necessary equipment to perform a manicure at home. Nevertheless, the choice of lamp is very important. There are two types of lamps in particular: LED lamp: this model is very expensive, but the drying time will be reduced, and the material is less energy consuming. Allow an average of 30 seconds of drying time for each coat And the UV lamp: indeed, this one is more affordable and gives more shine, but the drying time is longer: about 2 minutes per coat. Moreover, the bulbs change! And exposure can lead to long-term pigment spots In addition, in your manicure kit, you must find all the essential equipment for manicure: A LED lamp or with UV neon lights with spare bulbs A cuticle regrowth A base coat A top coat A semi-permanent varnish gel (which you should choose according to your taste) A primer A remover A cleaner or a wipe to clean the grease at the end of the installation And a boxwood stick You can find in some kit’s additional accessories such as materials for a nail art decoration... There are also kits for beginners and professionals. The first products are easy to use and do not require any special skills. But whatever you choose, always rely on quality products (that meet the standards), which do not risk damaging your nails. Beware of cheap varnishes that can fade over time. For example, you can choose from the best semi-permanent Peggy Sage

Little advice!

For your safety, buy products from major brands or brands known in the field. It is a guarantee of quality and professionalism. Order your kit on the internet. You will find a large selection of semi-permanent varnish kits at a reasonable price. However, only buy from a reliable site. Before applying the varnish, read the instructions carefully and follow the steps to be followed. Then, reserve a space where you can quietly put your manicure. Apply thin layers while avoiding overflowing onto the skin or cuticles. Between two poses, remember to maintain your nails. Every evening applies a few drops of nail care oil and massage gently to activate the microcirculation. You can also apply a coat of fortifying varnish for a few days. This type of varnish cannot be removed with bare hands. It is very important to follow all the steps to avoid damaging the nails. There is no need to tear it off or sand it, you risk breaking a nail. You must bring a complete kit for this purpose or go to an institute.  
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