Breast reduction operations: find a specialist surgeon in Walloon brabant

The breasts represent the greatest female assets. However, when they are too large, they can become a handicap and create complexes for some women. Fortunately, today, there is an effective solution to achieve the desired shape and size: breast reduction.

When to opt for breast reduction?

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a common procedure in France. Indeed, there are two reasons why a woman may choose this operation: Functional problems: large breasts are also heavy. They can therefore cause back and shoulder pain and prevent the person from performing certain sports activities. She may also have difficulty performing certain daily tasks (walking, dressing, sleeping, running, etc.) Aesthetic concerns: oversized breasts tend to fall and can distort the silhouette. In addition, they attract the attention of others and evoke rather annoying remarks Breast reduction allows these women who are complex and no longer dare to go out to regain self-confidence and feel beautiful in their skin. Also, with less generous breasts, they will be able to easily choose their clothes and will no longer feel discomfort and pain in their backs and shoulders. Posture also improves. So, it will have a more attractive silhouette! Even women who do not yet have children can use this intervention. The condition? Before breast reduction surgery, the surgeon should be informed of your desire to breastfeed when the time comes. Similarly, it would be more appropriate to wait until late adolescence before using breast reduction. Attention! As a precautionary measure, it is best to wait at least 1 year after breast reduction before getting pregnant so that the lactiferous ducts that have been severed can regenerate. In any case, for a successful operation, it is recommended to call upon a professional specialized in the field such as a breast reduction surgeon in Walloon Brabant

How is the operation going?

A first meeting is necessary in order to evaluate if the operation is feasible or not. It is currently that the doctor gives you an estimate. On the second visit, you must give him the signed and dated estimate and set a date for the intervention. Breast reduction is performed in the operating room, under general anaesthesia. During the operation, the breast reduction surgeon removes a large amount of fat, the amount of which varies according to age and breast size. To do this, it will have to remove breast tissue, fat and excess skin. To achieve this, the doctor will make three incisions: Around the areola on the lower part of the areola and along the base of the breast It is also possible for the surgeon to move the nipples upwards for good symmetry of the chest. Before the operation, there are precautions to be taken:
  • Do not drink alcohol at least 48 hours before the procedure Cream application to the breasts and surroundings is not recommended 1 day before Liquid consumption is to be avoided 4 hours before entering the block
  • During the procedure, all jewellery must be removed. Once you are home, don't forget to take anti-inflammatory drugs and wear a bra. For a week, limit arm movements and avoid driving a car. In fact, it would take 7 days to return to normal tasks.

What are the side effects?

Just outside the breast reduction clinic in Brussels, you may feel that your breasts are too high. That's normal. It should be noted that the result will only be visible after 4 to 6 months following the operation. And the scars will be almost invisible after 2 years. But it is possible that the patient may experience a loss of sensitivity. But she will regain her sensitivity after several weeks.

Other troublesome side effects may also appear:

Necrosis: Usually located on the areola or nipple. An infection: in most cases, an infection can occur if the patient has had an infection before the operation. In order to rule out possible postoperative infections, a preoperative consultation with the anaesthetist is mandatory. A hematoma: it is caused by an increase in sudden blood pressure. But a second intervention is not always necessary In any case, post-operative follow-up is essential to verify the patient's condition in the short and medium term. The first check is done 5 to 6 days after the operation, during the dressing change. Then, a second visit is recommended at the sixth week and a last visit after 6 months.

But how to choose your surgeon?

Are you looking for a surgeon for a breast reduction in Walloon Brabant? The doctor's competence is crucial to ensure the success of the operation. In this way, find out how many patients he has already treated. It is a guarantee of efficiency. Reputation is also to be verified. Indeed, it is better to turn to experts known in the sector and having acquired a good reputation. In addition, proximity is a decisive criterion. Admittedly, an operation abroad may cost you less than a breast reduction in Belgium. However, it would be necessary to add to the rates the travel expenses, accommodation... And especially, in case of problem, you will have to take the plane again! However, by calling on a specialist in Walloon breast reduction, you can go to the clinic at any time, if you have doubts or if you notice any anomalies. Moreover, the cost of the procedure can vary by a factor of two depending on the surgeon even in the same city. Therefore, ask for several quotes and compare the offers. Don't forget to check all the details line by line. I mean, it's a pretty delicate act. You must therefore feel confident throughout the entire operation. That's why it's a good idea to choose a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable, who understands your needs and with whom you can feel comfortable.
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