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When these elements are aligned with a person’s goals, then you can be sure to enjoy and be the master of your destiny, with little or no obstructions at all. This is the only secret to success. Therefore, the foundation of a happy life can be connected to wearing natural stone jewellery. These pieces of jewellery usually have healing properties that go a long way in guiding its wearer into great health and wealth. Also, why not look fashionable and enjoy the healing benefits of natural stones concurrently? However, great care must be taken when using these crystals so as to reap maximum benefits. The stones would not just magically start working unless one’s intentions and the skills align to the properties of the healing stones. Further information regarding these stones can be found on this site natural stone jewellery.

How to use the stone to benefits from its healing properties?

While some minerals work without the need to be induced, most will need proper handling and care before they can be used. Also, it is important to note that, a stone that is simply placed at one point to work without been properly induced and one whose vibrations are consciously induced would produce different results. Believing and following your instincts is crucial when working with these minerals. Simply making the stones just work on their own without inducing them would not produce significant growth or transformation as compared to when the stones frequencies are consciously induced. Additionally, choosing the right stone that best suits you, is the key. A lot of focus must be put on the acquisition of a crystal. The colour, size, and shape of a stone must be considered when selecting a stone. When wearing your stone, always ensure that you have a specific goal that you would like the stone to achieve it for you. It helps when you talk to your stone and command it on what you want it to do. Also, ensure that you frequently wear your stone. Both your vibrations and the energy of the stones need to be aligned for the healing effect to work. It is encouraged to meditate while wearing your stone to allow the two energies interact for better performance.

Gems and Fashion

Natural stone jewellery boosts our inborn power, igniting and exploring our highest potentials. The various stones have different frequencies and vibrations and impacts different areas of our existence. Therefore, as much as the stone is also fashionable, it is imperative to understand the characteristics of the gem one wears in order to foster its effectiveness and not hinder it. Today, keeping up with fashion trends is almost impossible. Fashion styles come and go. The jewellery market is no exception. However, the natural stones remain timeless, and really put up a spark on your personal style and look. Below are reasons why you should consider wearing these stones:

• They are beautiful. Mother Nature will remain to be the greatest artist of all time. The colours, patterns, and shapes of these stones are unlike anything else that can be produced in factories. Their stunning colours and dazzling beauty makes them stand out and a point of focus when worn.

• They are unique. No one can imitate nature’s creativeness. Natural stones are outstandingly beautiful and unique. They would definitely set their bearer apart from a crowd since they are hard to copy or fake. Each rock usually takes millions of years to form hence the stones are exclusive jewel pieces.

• Versatile in style. The feel and touch of these stones boost the character of its owner. They are very mobile hence can be carried to the workplace, picnics with friends or even at dinner with a loved one. Not only are they durable for daily use, but their colours are also varied hence can be easily matched with several outfits, any day or to any occasion.

• They are a conversation piece. These stones easily connect people together. And because every stone is unique in character and style, it easily becomes a topic of discussion. All you have to do is learn a few facts about your stone, and you will always have something meaningful to talk about.

• It connects the body and soul. A beautiful stone jewellery is more than just an accessory, it boosts a person’s health and wealth. They have mystical powers and wearing impacts your spirits and uplifts your energy.

• They are timeless. Of all ornaments, gems are should be the first priority for the young and the old, men and women. This is because these stones are super attractive and have the ability to retain their appeal over a long period of time. When acquiring a piece, take pride in knowing that it shall pass down to your generation and shall exist in your family for a very long time.

Lithotherapy and stone jewellery

Litho therapy is a term used to describe the healing attributes of stones when worn by people. The term litho means the application of stones in various fields. While some people view these stones as tools of therapy, others consider them as mere superstitions. Today, this practice is based on scientific evidence that justifies its application in therapeutic aspects in the human environment. Litho therapy has gone to become a highly used therapy by various professionals. These gems influence the flow of positive healing energy into your body and expel all negative and ailments affecting your body. In modern settings, this healing practice is usually incorporated with massages and contributes to body relaxation and eventually internal healing. These healing practice dates back to the ancients times, approximately 6000 years ago and was particularly used by the Egyptians and Asians. During those days, the healing stones were attached to the sick organs or body parts. In other cases, they were placed beneath pillows or even worn by the users. The benefits of wearing these stones include:

• Stress management. These stones are vital in the management of stress and relieving pain. They impact overall body relaxation hence boosting positive thoughts on an individual. People who undergo this therapy are guaranteed stress reduction as all their negative energy gets channelled out of their system. For example, some stones are engraved in necklaces and are known to be effective in minimizing teething effects on infants. The teething process is painful to the infant and in the quest to ease the pain; some parents go for these natural pain relievers.

• Promotion of spiritual emotion, empathy, and love. By putting on the stones, individuals are spiritually elevated as they come to interact with nature. Instead of concentrating on material things, these stones enable one to visualize matters that are important to his environments such as divine and natural powers. Additionally, they have anecdote powers that help in making people sober and settling on sound decisions in difficult situations. Also, these stones have powers capable of eliminating distractions and facilitating their concentrations. They do this by creating a serene environment hence making one remain calm in a chaotic environment. People who cannot be able to concentrate for a longer period, and are anxious about their future, could benefit greatly by wearing stone jewellery as they drive out any feeling of fear and disorder. Therapists use them to fight burnouts and depression from their clients.

• Fighting addiction and improving vision. Substance abuses are extremely difficult to manage with professional care. The stone therapy works by ensuring that addicts become fully responsible for their cravings. The efficiency of this therapy is achieved by making sure that the stones are worn or kept in close contact with the individual at all times and in all circumstances. These stones expel all negative energy and since addiction is negative energy, their presence deters one from indulging in the drugs. These stones also reduce all elements that motivate addiction such as stress.

The types and benefits of important crystals


This is one of the oldest stones known to humankind. This has the power to bring luck to its wearer and it also heals the heart, mind, and soul of its bearer.


This stone cleans our blood systems and ensures its smooth flow.

Rose Quart. It is also called the love stone. It is the master healer of our hearts. When worn, it empowers its bearer to conquer the most powerful force, love.


This is the creativity stone. It unlocks creativity in individuals by creating a calm environment in his mind. It is especially popular with celebrities in the entertainment industry. For individuals who wish to make it big in the entertainment world, they should try this stone and experience its magical effects.

Owning these stones is important in harnessing spiritual and physical benefits in a person’s life. However, these benefits must be adequately analysed for maximum healing effects. The stone’s properties must be well actualized for effective compatibility and healing. If you wish to transform your life, gift yourself or your special one and experience the amazing effects of these stones.

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