The virtues of health stones on the body and the mind

health stones

Using litho therapy as a form of alternative medicine has been practised for centuries. It encompasses many different forms of therapy techniques and is designed to achieve an overall balance of wellbeing for body and mind. As far back as the Bible and Ancient Egypt, crystals and natural stones have been thought to have a positive effect on the mind when held with intention or when placed on specific points of the body. The healing properties are activated when the stones come into contact with the energies or chakras of the body. In a world increasingly focused on technological advancement, it is perhaps no surprise that many are turning to this age old alternative form of healing in order to combat signs of stress, mental burnout and a desire to feel calm and cleansed.

What Are Stone Properties and How Can They Help Me?

Each stone has it’s own unique properties and can be selected in accordance with the outcome you are hoping to achieve. For example, Sodalite is synonymous with peace and can be used to calm a busy mind. Citrine is advised for those hoping for financial success and a Blue Sapphire is said to remove all toxic and negative energies. Many celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr, have confirmed they carry crystals with them for confidence and healing and the popularity of this therapy continues to grow.

The energy force of each crystal is dependant on its type and size, so make sure you know what properties you are looking to promote before you purchase your natural stones. Unlike many forms of therapy, crystals are a great way to heal yourself at home. There are plenty of online resources to help you access all the crystal information you need. All crystals work in balance together as they are natural entities, so you can create your own home display to suit your needs without risking a conflict of energies. No matter what crystal you are looking to find, all stone virtues can be found at

What are the Benefits of Wearing Natural Stone Jewellery?

By wearing natural stone jewellery, you are able to utilise the strengths of crystal healing and litho therapy on a day to day basis. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, natural stone jewellery can help refocus your mind and attract more of what you want into your life. Wearing Pyrite can help manifest money, whilst Blue Agate can ward off feelings of anxiety and is great for wearing during a high pressure work or personal situation. By wearing your crystals, you can enjoy the benefits of natural stone properties no matter where you are.

What Ways Can I Use Stones and Crystals?

They are many ways you can use stone virtues aside from wearing them as jewellery. Try incorporating them into a meditation routine to help enhance your clarity and focus. It is important to remember that litho therapy is based largely on energy frequencies, so making sure to set your intentions and transmit your energies into your crystals positively is essential. Crystals can be added to your home in simple ways to improve your every day life. Try placing Shungite next to your electronic devices before you go to bed as this is said to absorb electromagnetic frequencies and can help improve sleep. Placing crystals in your bath can also be an indulgent and refreshing experiencing for your mind and body. Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone for those in need of some detoxification and the pale pink stone adds a touch of glamour to your nighttime routine. Crystal water bottles are also seeing a rise in popularity, with many now using these as a way to charge their drinking water and use them quite literally as a source of positive energy.

Does Litho Thearpy Really Work?

As with all alternative medicines, the outcomes are harder to quantify than traditional scientific methods. However, studies show that many patients experience an improvement in existing conditions and their overall sense of wellbeing after undergoing crystal healing therapy. As with many medicines, it is important that the patient believes in the outcome they are hoping for and a large part of the therapy is the encouragement of positivity over negativity, a mindful approach to life and a focus on manifesting what you want rather than what you may be currently experiencing.

Those who are sceptical and do not focus on their crystals productively are unlikely to gain anything. Some studies have shown that those with a positive life mind-set are less at risk of heart disease and that a conscious effort to focus on good outcomes rather than a bad has sometimes seen patients improve faster are life altering conditions, such as a heart attack or stroke. Overall, whether or not crystal healing really works or not is dependant upon the individual’s experience and their willingness to focus their energies on a positive future self.

Wearing natural stone jewellery
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