Fashion jewellery: an ally of choice to change your look

Fashion jewellery comes in different colours and materials on the market and at affordable prices that make it easier to indulge yourself. Whether it is a fashion addict or a lady who wants to enhance her outfit, a simple fancy ring will make the difference without ruining herself with very wide choices. Here is an overview of these jewellery accessories!

Fashion and non-jewellery jewellery

If the term costume jewellery has a negative connotation in the sense that it is industrially produced, a cheap and poor-quality product, it is not necessary to refer to a single element. It is indeed a name intended to distinguish the result of the work of a jeweller-creator who shapes a set from gold, silver or platinum, in short precious metals. This implies the use of the same techniques but by working with less prestigious materials or metals. Thus, jewellery made of bronze, copper, nickel silver or brass is part of costume jewellery, as are jewellery made of wood, glass, pearl or resin, among others, which is not part of jewellery. This means that the latter refers to jewellery made with gemstones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, garnet, pearl, onyx, jasper, or semi-precious stones fixed on a noble metal. Always in terms of process, this ornament can be a jewel of creation when it is made in a traditional way, therefore belonging to a limited series if it is not a single piece. Although artists including jewellers and designers are led to exploit new materials for a diversity of shapes, colours and textures resulting or not from the fusion of materials as proposed on the site

Fashion jewellery: revealing its personality

The Second World War marked a major turning point for jewellery due to the lack of raw materials. Gold was requisitioned, forcing jewellers to compete in inventiveness if they want to return to their jobs. It was necessary to play with less noble materials to impress the general public and in order to create costume jewellery for women, craftsmen and designers had to show imagination by experimenting with colours, materials and shapes. The result that keeps on making new inventions is the existence of these fancy accessories ranging from the most original to the most traditional. Thanks to these diversities, it is possible to match them to the personality. Thus, a set of leather jewellery combined with crystal or a piece of jewellery with imitation stones perfectly emphasises the rock'n' roll character, while the one that incorporates the specific characteristics of classic jewellery is adapted to a discreet person. It should not be forgotten that the materials are also evocative as nature is represented by wood, softness by fabric or elegance by metal. Otherwise, those who know how to interpret the shapes find their emblems among animals or objects. In short, this category of fashion accessory offers a multitude of choices to enhance a person as in a gift where it symbolizes a bond, an affection, or even love.

Which jewel for which occasion?

A fancy bracelet, for example, has a great advantage over temptation, you don't fear being stolen, which means you can wear it in any circumstance and on any occasion, or not. Due to the considerable drop in the price of raw materials, especially since China's accession to the World Trade Organization, costume jewellery is becoming more and more accessible. They come in different models than those who wish to wear them elegantly and with formal office attire, discretion is the watchword that guides them. A woman who wears a beautiful evening dress with a plunging neckline will be even more sublimated by quite large hanging fancy earrings. Holidays also rhyme with vitaminized colours as it is seen through clothing, finding the jewel that is in perfect harmony with this tone is simply done with an alliance of colours with the most dominant. As for the appropriate accessories, in addition to the discreet earrings, a pearl bracelet will do the trick. Finally, whatever the occasion, but a woman just likes to wear black and white clothes, often in such a costume, implies elegance, among the countless pieces of costume jewellery available, so you must combine everything. In order to avoid dissonance, the appropriate jewellery then corresponds to the one in harmony with the colours of the other accessories.

A new touch to her outfit

A woman's costume jewellery comes from an elaborate design that is harmoniously worn with a rather basic outfit. Of course, a simple outfit is just a combination of a top and a bottom but to have style with a tunic and jeans, a bold set will only accentuate the difference, it will be the trick in addition. An extraordinary bracelet, glamorous earrings or a pendant necklace, the choice is vast only the base consists in matching everything. Explicitly, if you find the right costume jewellery, the metamorphosis is plausible with a totally simple look into a more stylish one, just make a little more imagination with the different ornaments to place on different parts of the body. In summer, for a short walk or a trip to the beach, an ankle bracelet goes well with the choice of outfit, it marks the sun. The only limit to these combinations is thus the superposition of jewellery. In any case, the preference for a gold or silver-coloured product depends on the shade of the person who will wear it. If it tends to be rather grey the one inside the wrist, silver suits it, as do cold tones. In contrast, with a more golden skin, gold goes well with bright shades. In terms of morphology, a long face goes hand in hand with hanging earrings or a V-necklace, and the short phalanges accept fine rings but accentuated by an elongated stone.
Wearing natural stone jewellery
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