How to build up your abdominal muscles quickly?

Having chocolate bars on your abdomen has always been your dream? It is possible to give you this opportunity by adopting the best abdo exercise, in addition to a healthy diet, low in fat, and rich in water. Here are some physical practices that will show you how to work the abs effectively.

Crunches, a must see

To build up your abs, there's nothing better than crunch. Lying on the floor, place both hands at temple level, then fold your lower limbs back so you can bring your torso back to your knees. By performing 3 sets of 50 crunches in one session, the results will be palpable very quickly. If this option seems difficult at first, prefer leg and arm supports. To do this, raise your arms above your head and stretch your legs well. In this position, lift the upper and lower limbs at the same time, as if you were going to touch the tiptoes with your fingers, without bending your knees. Repeat these 15 times, then repeat the series at least three times during the day. To have a nice chocolate bar, you can complete this exercise with other activities, click here to learn more.

Squats and lateral flexions, just as effective

Squatting is one of the best abdominal exercises to practice in order to obtain satisfactory results. Stand upright, keep your chest straight, then bend your knees while looking up at the sky. Then get up and do the flexion exercise 20 times, at the rate of 3 series per session. Otherwise, opt for lateral flexion while standing with your feet wide apart. In this position, tighten the gluteal muscles, hold a dumbbell in your hand, and lower it along your body without tilting the trunk forward, but to the side. Then slowly climb up until your hips and shoulders are parallel. Repeat these steps ten times, then put the dumbbell back in the other hand to do the exercise again on the other side.

Under what conditions should we practice optimizing results?

To work your abs effectively, you need to know that the abdominal belt consists of three zones: the obliques (lateral), the great right (squares above the navel), and the transverse or "deep muscles". The ideal is therefore to focus the training on a single area at each session, so that the muscles are worked at the same intensity. For a better abdominal exercise, on Monday, go on crunches to work on your right. Leave your muscles at rest the next day, then resume on Wednesday by focusing on the transverse. To do this, you can use the abdominal wheels and ball, or bet on the squat. Then, after another one-day break, devote your Friday session to oblique exercises; lateral flexions are ideal for this training. This way, your abs will be sculpted quickly, and your body will not suffer too much. To get effective results, do not hesitate to register in a weight room. You will be accompanied by a coach. His help and advice will keep you motivated. Your coach will suggest the best exercises to help you reach your goal quickly.
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