How to protect your afro hair from the cold?

When you enter winter, your hair becomes drier, weaker and breaks easily. Finding solutions to this situation is becoming imperative. As much as you change your dress code in cold weather, so much you will have to change your habits in relation to your hair. To do this, get into the habit of going to the Afro hair salon to take care of your scalp. The Afro hairdressers in Paris will help you on this point.

Braids to withstand the cold

You probably know that it is important to protect and strengthen your hair whether it is frizzy, curly, curly or even relaxed to avoid intense hair dryness. One solution would be to do a protective hairstyle in an Afro hair salon in Paris. It will allow you to avoid any manipulation of your hair over a given period. The goal is to limit breakage and protect your spikes. At the Afro hair salon, you will find different types of hairstyles that will prevent you from having to touch your already fragile hair too frequently. Doing protective hairstyles will allow you to save your hair during the cold. In practice, you can choose the bun or the Bun. It is ideal and fast to run and offers protection at your tips. You can also make vanilla or glued mats. There is also the braided updo. In addition to being elegant, you can keep it for 2 to 3 weeks. You have the possibility to do the braids in winter. They are ideal over a period of 3 weeks to 1 month. As for the braid hook, it is a very good alternative to let your hair rest for 3 weeks. There are also lying braids for Afro hairstyles. It's the perfect protection for your afro. From root to tip, they provide shelter for your hair while leaving enough space for hydration. In addition, at the Afro hair salon, let your imagination run wild and revisit classic hairstyles. You can thus make the improved ponytail or weaves that are ideal hairstyles against the cold. Discover on this site, advice on the care of your hairdo.

Afro hairdressing salon, to offer your hair adequate care

When you go to the Afro hair salon, it is essential to feed the ends to protect your hair from the cold. The ends are the driest, most fragile and cold sensitive part of your hair. You must pay particular attention to this. To intensely nourish your hair, apply your hair care from the ends to the roots. To protect your Afro hair from the cold, use natural oils! Indeed, vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil, castor oil and jojoba oil are highly effective. They are easily absorbed by the hair and avoid frizz. It is possible that you may be recommended these essential oils at the Afro hair salon. Sweet almond oil, for example, with its moisturizing and nourishing properties, helps to fight dry and brittle hair, dry ends and forks. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which allows it to tighten the hair scale and hair fibre sheath. Finally, castor oil promotes hair growth and gives it thickness, but also protects the fibre and hair cuticle. At the Afro hair salon, you must also use butter for your hair. You can choose between shea butter, almond butter or cocoa butter. Shea butter, for example, repairs and protects your hair from external aggressions. Almond butter, on the other hand, nourishes and protects curly and frizzy hair.

Simple but very important actions

Protecting your Afro hair also means taking actions that will save it. So in winter, you don't have to wash your hair too often. Just do it once a week. Apply a more nourishing conditioner and conditioner often during cold weather. They act on the layers of the hair cuticle. Glycerin products should be avoided in winter. It is often necessary to drink water to help your hair. In addition, you must eat fruit every day. In addition, you need a moisturizing or nourishing mask. The advantage is that they strengthen the hair to prevent breakage. The best way is to use natural masks. When you must go to bed, always remember to wrap your Afro hair in a scarf.
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