Make eyelash extensions for free in Paris

Do you dream of XXL eyelashes? The application of an eyelash extension is made for you. Moreover, it is a technique that is on the rise and does not present any health risk, provided that the aesthetician's advice is respected.

What are the different eyelash extension application techniques?

First, we should not confuse eyelash extension with false eyelashes. False eyelashes can be purchased in stores, and you can do it yourself. On the other hand, eyelash extensions must be carried out by competent professionals to limit risks. Currently, two techniques are distinguished: - The eyelash: it is the most classic and most widespread application. It is also called a 2D extension. It offers a result that is close to natural. - Russian volume or 3D extension: the customer has the choice between several lash lengths to intensify the look The installation is painless and takes place in a beauty salon. The client will be lying down for the duration of the procedure and her eyes will be protected by patches. To extend the life of the extension, it should be brushed with an eyelash brush every morning, and lashes should be filled every four weeks. For more information on eyelash extensions in Paris, visit this site.

Why an eyelash extension?

Eyebrow extension in Paris is accessible to everyone, except those who have eye problems at the time of the operation. In addition, it has undeniable advantages: - Have voluminous lashes according to your desires: indeed, it is possible to choose the volume you want. The Russian volume eyelash extension, for example, is the ideal solution for those who want to have a deer's eye! - Avoid mascaras that crumble between the eyes: the result is impressive, worthy of a professional! In addition, in everyday life, you will use less beauty products on your eyes. - Enhance light eyelashes: when you have light eyelashes (blond, red, etc.), you should press a little more on the mascara. However, thanks to the eyelash extension, you can do without it. - Save time in the morning: no more need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look beautiful. Your eyes will be perfect even without products!

Where to have a free eyelash extension applied in Paris?

Admittedly, the price of an eyelash extension in Paris varies according to the provider, the technique chosen and the material of the eyelashes (mink, cashmere or silk). To find a cheap eyelash extension, don't hesitate to put beauty salons in competition with each other. Some professionals offer very attractive rates throughout the year without skimping on the quality of services. However, when prices are too low, it is better to be wary! In addition, from time to time, some institutes organize promotional offers so that their customers can enjoy free or low-cost services: contests, loyalty points, cashback, promotional codes... You want to benefit from a free eyelash extension or a cheap eyebrow extension? Stay informed of new offers.
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