Why wear contact lenses?

To correct vision problems, the appearance of lenses has become an excellent alternative to wearing glasses. They offer significant advantages for its users. But many people are still reluctant to wear this device. Right or wrong? Are lenses a perfect solution for vision problems? We help you to see more clearly about contact lenses in this article.

Contact lenses for everyone

Whether for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, contact lenses can nowadays correct various vision problems. They can therefore be worn by anyone who needs to improve their vision. An appointment with your ophthalmologist will allow you to know which lenses are right for your eyes. Contrary to popular belief, contact lenses are not only for adults. Teenagers and children can wear lenses if they find them more comfortable. Composed essentially of water, this small device to be placed in the eye respects the nature of this organ and does not risk damage it. Now available to the general public, you can buy lenses from online stores. On bubbly-contact.com for example, you will have daily and monthly lenses at various prices. In general, the purchase of lenses is not covered by the health insurance fund. However, it is possible to refund partial or full contact lenses in some cases. For example, to correct myopia or keratoconus, buyers can benefit from a lens refund from certain mutual insurance companies.

The advantages of contact lenses

Buying lenses online or in store can offer you many advantages.

An improvement in vision

The thickness and degree of the lenses in your glasses vary depending on the correction to be made to your eye. It can thus cause deformations or cause a magnifying effect or change the perception of distances. The lenses will give you a better view without the limitations caused by the frame. With no more blind spots, lenses allow clear vision and a wider 360° field of vision. You will also have more ease in perceiving distances. Whether you are driving or walking daily, contact lenses will be very practical and will make your life easier.

An aesthetic and practical asset

Forget the teasing nicknames and remarks about your glasses. Wearing contact lenses will give your face a more uniform appearance. You will no longer have to worry about wearing glasses that break the charm of your face by slipping on your nose or hurting behind your ears. But contact lenses are also a very good solution for energetic and sporty people. With your vision problems, wearing glasses can sometimes be a handicap for practice. It is difficult to swim, run, play basketball or football with big glasses stuck to your face. You will be embarrassed, or you will have to change frames often because of small accidents on the ground. With contact lenses, these different activities will be easier. You will be able to buy cheap lenses on the internet for swimming since they should not be worn outside of the water activity.

When to wear contact lenses?

There are several types of contact lenses on the market: corrective lenses, therapeutic lenses and cosmetic lenses. The choice of lenses to wear depends on your situation and the type of need of your eyes. The purpose of corrective lenses is to improve a person's vision or visual acuity. Without going through surgery, they have specific characteristics according to the problem to be treated. For myopia, your lenses will be uniform and spherical, while for astigmatism, you will feel heavy on the lower part. Therapeutic lenses are lenses specially designed to treat certain eye conditions. They act as a dressing on your eyes and may contain a drug to treat the disease. This type of contact lens is generally used for short periods of time. Lenses have also become a fashion accessory for dressing the eyes. Fantasy or cosmetic lenses are softer and offer a wide choice of colours. You have lenses with natural iris shades such as blue, green, brown or black. But there are also the more original models such as purple, yellow or pink that you can wear at a party or with a Halloween costume. You can find cheaper lenses on opticians' websites or in specialized online shops. Be aware that everyone can wear these coloured lenses, even if they do not have any vision problems. However, it is always best to seek the advice of your doctor before investing in one or more pairs. This lens model does not exempt you from following the rules of hygiene in order to keep your eyes healthy.

How do I choose my contact lenses?

When you have vision problems, purchasing contact lenses should not be done lightly. It should not be forgotten that this is a medical device before being a trendy accessory. It is therefore advisable to visit your optician to let him/her know that you would like to wear lenses. This way, you will get a prescription that will make it easier for you to choose your lenses. Whether it is soft or rigid lenses, daily or monthly lenses, it is essential to consider the rules of care and handling of this device. This will limit the risk of infection caused by deposits on the lenses to 90%. The latter can slow down the oxygenation of the eye and reduce the comfort that lenses should normally provide. The Internet is now a simple way to get contact lenses. All you need is a prescription to get lenses that are right for your eye problem.
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